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Radio Wave Propagation in the Amazon Jungle - A Tutorial

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.12721/2237-5112.v02n01a07



Mauro S. Assis1


Abstract: This tutorial deals with radio wave propagation in a forest environment. Depending on the relative position of the radio stations, three propagation paths should be considered in the analysis of the problem: (a) Both equipments immersed in the jungle; (b) One radio equipment inside and the other on the ground outside the jungle; (c) A radio link between one equipment located in the forest and the other in a plane or helicopter. The optimum frequency for operation in the jungle and an experimental study aiming to estimate the electrical parameters of vegetation are also addressed. Important applications, such as search and rescue, military and scientific missions are mentioned.

Key words: Radio wave propagation, forest environment, propagation path, lateral wave, optimum frequency, electrical parameters


1 Brazilian Committee of URSI. E-mail: msassis@openlink.com.br


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